10 Advent questions about traveling - Part 4

Hi, welcome back to part 4 of our advent lists!
So we have done part 1 which was about flights and airports, part 2 about destinations and the 3rd part was focused on travel inspirations. I really hopw that you have enjoyed reding them, and as I have said before - feel free to copy the lists and answering them yourself. Give me a shoutout if you do, I would love to read yours.
But lets dive into part 4, which is about traveling with kids...

1. Before you started traveling with kids, what was your worries?

Oh I would say that my main thought before I got kids was that I am not going to be that parent that let's the kids run around wild, kicking and screaming. I dont want to be like that as a parent, so my worries was not about kids in paricular, but rather about me as a future parent.

2. And did the fears come true?

No they didn't , our kid has never been a wild child so that has just never been an issue. I have thought a lot about my parenting worries though, so whenever we have traveled together, I have made sure to have brought plenty for him to do on the flight or train. And snacks, snacks and more snacks. I would say that as long as you keep your child engenged, you're safe.

Both images, our first trip with kids to Crete Greece 2007.

3. At what age did you start bringing the kids with you on your trips?

Our son was four years old when he was with us for the first time, but we did not wait for him to be four before we started due to his age, we just could not afford to travel when he was younger.

4. What kind of trip did you go on, charter or book em' all yourself?

We did the charter at first, but that was not really becuse we had kids with us, it was not until a few years ago that I started booking entire trips by myself.

Antalya airport 2011. Left image, Alanya Turkey 2011.

5. Pool vs Sea?

I would say that either is just as good, maybe I would recomend a good poolarea if you are having an infant with you, but if I could choose freely I would have a pool but live close to the beach just to give some variation to the days.

6. Hotel vs Air BnB?

Air BnB for sure. Or atleast an apartmentbuilding so that you have more fredom to move around within you accomodation, and make sure that you have a balcony with a good view for those Yatzi nights.

7. What did you pack? Baby carrige, stroller, sling, carseat, baby food, diapers?

Oh, I did not have to bring any baby stuff or stroller since Mr Kiddo was four years old. But he did have an entire suitcase (childsize) full of toys, that was a bit to much.

Left Özdere 2012. Right image, Trying fishspa in Oba Turkey 2014.

8. How do you make plans during the trip when having a child with you?

Just as before, just don't overdo it. Kids want to be entertainted, sure, but don't book a new adventure every day cuz most kids get tired and most of them can't really handle beeing overloaded with new stuff. So go easy the first time, maybe book a small excursion every other day just to have some down time aswell. Dont' forget to get the kids enganged in planning the trip, let's them join you when you are researshing the destination, they might find something awsome that you have not thought about doing.

Left: watersports in Rethymnon Greece, 2015. Right: Sightsing in old town Rhodes in Greece, 2016.

9. What's you worst struggle when it comes to traveling with kids?

Honestly, when the kid no longer wants to travel! When our son became a teenager, it became clear that he no longer wanted to travel as much as we wanted, he just wanted to be home with his friends. That was hard, but fortunatly we have a great extended family that he could be with whenever he wanted, so helped a lot.
And on the bright side, a few years later, that's beginning to change - now he wants to plan trips again.

10. Do you have any advice for future parents who are traveling with kids?

Yeah, have fun with your family. Once you get over the first stress and worries you'll realize that it's just like any other trip, there's just more of you joining in.

And as always I will nominate a few of my favorite bloggers that I know travels with kids to answer the questions,
Annika @ Resfredag, Lisa @ Lets go Explore and Towe @ Come fly with me. But if you like to answer the questions, just go for it, and give me a shoutlot if you do - I have been enjoying reading your answers.



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So fun getting to know you with this Q &A. Yes I agree, the biggest problem in traveling with kids if they don’t wanna travel anymore