10 Advent questions about traveling - part 1

So I have seen a bunch of lists that's been going around for quite some time, and I thought I would do one of them, but I just had to put a little travel twist on it. But of course that gave me a lot of questions, so I thought I would divide the lists a bit and give you one of them each advent. We're starting out with the first one, that's about flights and airports. I hope you enjoy the read.

1. On a flight, what is your preferred beverage? Buy on the plane or bring it with you?

Oh, this is an easy question, no doubt. Gin and tonic, and a bottle of water.
I do love flying with British airways though, as they usually serve a dry-cider such as Magners or Strongbow. And I can't remeber which airline I was on, but there has been a time when I got an Aperol Spritz served on the flight and I don't really have to tell you that I really enjoyed that.

2. Windowseat, middle, or aisle?

I would not say it's my preferred choice, but I tend to be seated in the middle. My husband Jacob prefers to be seated either on a window seat or aisle, so he can fit his shoulders. And I don't really have shoulders, so we kind of share space when I am in the middle seat. But to be honest, I don't really have a preferred seat.

3. What is most annoying, people who tilt their seat, grab your chair from behind while standing up, or long legs kicking your feet from behind?

I know people don't do it to annoy you, but that does not mean that it's not annoying. For me, I would say grab the chair from the behind, especially if I am asleep on the flight. Waking up with the feeling of falling backward is the worst!

4. Are you the traveler that arrives at the airport hours ahead or last minute?

Haha oh well, I hate to get stressed out because I am late, so I am always on the early side. Some might say that I am too early, but I'll rather be there hours ahead of time than even have the slightest chance of being late.

5. Would you do a 12-hour layover to keep the cost down 50 euro?

Never. I really hate layovers, so I would rather pay a little extra to hop on a direct flight to my destination. And somehow it always seems like when you do have a layover it's always on the biggest airports, and your flights are always on the opposite side of the airports.

6. What is your longest layover?

We've had a layover in Detriot when we were heading to Washington for a weekend to attend my brother in laws wedding. We had to do an emergency landing in Amsterdam due to fog, so we missed our connecting flight to Washington and was rerouted to Detroit where we spent 12 hours watching the shuttle trains.

7. Which is your favorite airport? And yes, you have to say why.

I have two favorites. Edinburgh, because it's one of the easiest airports I have ever been to, it's super easy to everything. And the trains that will take you into the city is just outside the front door.
And Stockholms airport Arlanda, it's big and I never know where to go ... but when I am there, it means I am about to travel -and that's just the best feeling!

To the left, in a taxi in London.
To the right, airporting on Arland airport in Stockholm.

8. You have finally arrived at your destination and exit the airport, how do you get to the hotel?

That totally depends... if I have been to the destination before and know my way around, I will probably take a train. Or if you can easily find the train stations, then I'll go for it. But if I am living quite far from the airport, I will most likely go by taxi.

To the left, showing the menu of Pegasus Airlines.
To the right, just stepped off the flight after the landing on Madeira.

9. Favorite airline?

Oh, I don't really know. I really enjoyed flying Pegasus Airlines when we headed off to Istanbul last year, it's a low-price airline but it was clean and comfortable. I really like SAS aswell, mainly because they have direct connections to most of my favorite destinations.

10. What's the scariest flight you have ever been on?

I do admit that I was not a fan of the landing on the Portuguese island Madeira, but that was not due to bad weather of some sort, the pilot just had to make a U-turn to enter the runway, at the same time as diving. I have been through a few other scarry once for sure, with turbulence, but I can't for the life of me remember which flight it was.

Okay, that's it for time so I am gonna end this post with a few names of my favorite bloggers that I nominate to do the same list. Frederikke @ Rejseguide af guld, World by Tina and Roving Jay .
Naturally, everyone's allowed to do the list, and if you do - give me a shoutout, I would love to read your answers!




Nikola Roza

I've never been on a plane before and I really wish to travel. Reading you answers here gave me a clue of the adventure flying is.
Though I suspect to you it's totally normal being so used to it. Right?


Oh both you and Cristina have never been in the air before! Two in the same day, that's got to be a record 😃
Jokes aside and to actually answer your question, most time it's not an andventure flying, it's long lines to get into the flight and then just passing hours 😊


Reading this makes me want to travel so badly! There were some great questions to ask and to answer!


Me too Kileen, me too ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Ivana Mearns,

Yes, I always hours early, I would be so nervous cutting it close, I don't know how people can do this and stay calm.


Better safe than sorry ❤️


I like the window seat so I can curl up and take a nap. It's also the best place to ignore my neighbor, which unless it is family next to me, I usually do. 😉


Haha that sounds like something I would do if I was flying solo too 😃

Gervin Khan

I haven't travel abroad so I can't relate, lmao. But, after a few years I will travel now and after that I will reread this just to laugh. But, it's still hilarious anyways.


Then you need to start planning that trip 😊

emman damian,

I miss traveling so much! I haven't been in Edinburgh yet! I hope to visit it soon.


So do I Emman, so do I ❤️


Thanks for the challenge, i'm in 😃


Woop woop ❤️

Elizabeth O

I look forward to the time when we can all get back to traveling safely. For now I sit and wait and live vicariously through posts like yours.

katrina kroeplin

man i miss traveling. i can't wait to get bavk to normal

Trisha Velarmino,

I feel you about layovers. You actually spend more in the end! I'd rather book a flight that's a little bit costly rather than have a 15-hour layover. Expenses will end up the same and I don't think people realize this!