4 favorite Italian drinks

As you've all seen we've had both Greek and Indian dinner, so it's about time we take the food travels to Italy for some pasta and a few Italian drinks.

As we were planning our menu for the night we kind of stumbled upon the idea of making cocktails in Italian fashion, and who am I to say no to a great idea huh? So cocktails it is! Keep in mind though when you're reading this, we're not always keeping the original recipes, due to the simple facts that our little bar at home did not have all the ingredients.

Aperol Spritz

So let's start off with a fun fact, did you know that the drink's also called Spritz Veneziano because the drink has its roots in Venice. I actually had my Aperol Spritz in Venice, sitting at an outdoor terrace overlooking the canals. That was not bad, I'll tell you that much.

But let's stick to the actual topic and skip right to how I made my Spritz. There are lots and lots of versions of how to make one, but this is how I like mine:

- White wine
- Aperol
- Sparkling water
- Ice cubes
- A few slices of Orange


Believe it or not, but this drink has its origin in Venice as well. It was first introduced there in 1940, so it's safe to say that this one stood its ground. If you ask me, I would say that its kind of a spin-off on Mimosa, which is orange juice and champagne - and not a favorite of mine. This one though is on the sweeter side, so I kind of like it.

- Peach juice or peaches to press for ren (the later is preferred)
- Prosecco or Sparkling wine
- Ice
- Peach slices for decorations

The Hugo

This is such a fresh and summery drink, with its key ingredients Mint and Elderberries, that grows quite quickly in the northern parts of Italy called the Dolomites. But don't be alarmed, it's totally drinkable during the colder seasons as well, just switch out the ice and add a warm blanket.

- Elderberry juice.
- Sparkling white wine or Prosecco.
- Lemon Juice.
- Mint leaves.
- Ice cubes.
- Lemon or lime for decorations.

Spiked Affogato

If you are searching for a recipe for this drink, there is a wild variety of it, and I am sure that you can make it in several ways that will make it just to your liking. If I eat a dessert, which I usually don't if it's not cheese, a Spiked Affogato would be it for me. Some might not even call it neither a cocktail nor a dessert, but an Italian ice cream treat. Originally it's said to be spiked with a liqueur called Amaretto, so that's what we used, but it's said to be just as tasty with whiskey or Baileys.

- Amaretto
- Hot coffee, preferably espresso.
- Vanilla Gelato.
- coffee beans or cacao to garnish with.

This may just be the easiest drink to make. Get your glass out, preferably a short and shallow one. Scoop a big ball, or two, of that vanilla ice cream in the glass. Pour the Baileys and a splash of whiskey on top of the ice cream, do the same with the espresso. Add the beans and Buon appetito!

So we do hope that this post will give you some inspiration on how to spend your quarantine time, reading a lot of amazing recipes for cocktails, not drinking them, and getting intoxicated of course. After all, stay home and stay safe!

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I'm always amazed by pictures of drinks that make me thirsty just looking at it! Amazing job!
Thank you Jessie 😃
Lyanna Soria,
Those are some delicious looking drinks you got there and I'd love to taste some. Definitely a coffee lover so that Affogato is something I wanna try.
The affogato was great!
Wow, what a great idea! I am sure to try these cocktail suggestions this weekeend as it is a long holiday weekend here. Sure like the Belini.
The Bellini I will be doing again, I really enjoyed it 😊
Jay Artale,
Never heard of the Hugo before .. but as I love prosecco, this is an interesting way to liven up a glass when you want something fresh and different.
I am betting that you'll enjoy a Hugo, or two 😋
Jay Artale,
I'll definatley have to give it a try. Summer time calls for a few bubbles .. there's a lightness to Prosecco that seems ideal for a sunny day and a picnic. And elderberry is a quintisential summer aroma. All of that is a beautiful shaped glass and your event is off to a great start!
Marias Memoarer,
Härligt inlägg, skulle ha varit gott med en god drink ikväll i det varma väder vi haft idag, om jag inte hade haft nattskift... Har varit lite sugen på Limoncello på sistone...
Åh Limoncello, det var länge sen! 😃
I'm always sticking to Aperol - but, obviously, that's a mistake. I think the next drink I'm going to try is the Bellini - until now, I loved rather the painter 😉
Nicole Anderson,
These look to be exciting options to experiment with. Italy is renowned for its fabulous cuisine so I guess it only makes sense to have some imaginative beverages to go with it. I do like your version of Aperol Spritz as it sounds to be quite a refreshing beverage.
Linda (LD Holland),

I am glad to see you started with my favourite orange drink. Once we discovered Aperol Spritz in Italy, we searched for it everywhere. It took awhile before we could find it regularly at home in Canada. Hubby definitely wants his spiked Afforgato. Good thing we can now make both at home since it may be awhile before we see Italy again.

All of this food looks so amazing! I would love to check out Gotland one day! It looks like an amazing place all around!

The Hugo looks so refreshing for summer and all the Italian food looks delicious! I love grilled pizza! The crunch in the crust adds to the flavor. Thanks for sharing these food adventures. So much fun!


Thanks for stopping by Nancy, I am happy that you enjoy our food travels ❤️❤️❤️