4 tips for great cocktails in Trosa

Oh yes, this was the guide you have all been waiting for huh?

Mhm, we may have had some cocktails, drinks, and wine on our trip, so I thought I would share some of my experiences with you. On where to go for live music and shots, the coziest place and the best Spritz. I am not going to add the address of the restaurants and bars, your all going to use GoogleMaps anyways so the names will do just fine, right?

Appel cider, Mojito and a glas of wine @ Fina Fisken.

Fina fisken

This was on the more fancy side with a somewhat younger crowd, but even though it's not regularly my first choice of place, I loved sitting there during the late evening when their garden was all lit up with candles and string lights. They had a good assortment of beers and ciders and a good variety of cocktails, and I was especially impressed by the fact that they had a Swedish dry-cider that I had not tried before, I like that!

Sour Cocktails and Hotshots @ Trosa Sjökrog.

Trosa Sjökrog

This was such a friendly place to visit, all of the staff that we encountered were really cheerful and friendly. They had some great sour cocktails, a good assortment of shots, and live music that you could hear from the streets. That's definitely a plus in book, music always draws me in. We ended up going back two days in a row, so I don't really have to tell you how much we appreciated this place, do I?

Jacob with a Moscow Mule, Hanna with a glass of wine, and me with an Aperol Spritz @ Bohamans.

Bohmans Hotel

To be completely honest, I loved sitting in their gardens having a cocktail, it was a beautiful place, but I have had a better Aperol Sprits. They did however have quite a lot of different places to sit at, all of them far from each other. And I do like their way of serving drinks though, they always served us beautiful cocktails.

They gain an extra plus too, for getting dog blankets and water bowls whenever they had guests that brought in their furry friends.

Coffee drinks, Aperol Spritz and a Gin and Tonic @ Ågården.


Yeah, this was the place we stayed at during our weekend in Trosa, and I have to tell you this, they are not only a great hotel - they have by far the best Aperol Spritz. And don't even get me started on their coffee drinks, they were amazing! Sitting in their garden and having a drink, while watching all the people strolling along the canal, the boats that go by, it's such a calming way to have a drink.

If you're lucky, you'll be there on one of the nights that they have live music playing in their gardens. They did not have that when we visited but I saw on their social media that that's a recurrent thing, so maybe you'll get lucky and be there on just the right day.

I really hope that our recommendations will give you some pointers on where to go to find that magical summer cocktail whilst you are in Trosa, Sweden. Make sure to give us a shoutout if we have missed your favorite place, we will definitely be going back, we have already started checking out dates for our next return.

There are a few more recommendations coming up from our trip to Trosa, the beautiful seaport in Sweden, so stay tuned!


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Det här inlägget skrek lite sommar haha! Blev så sugen på att sätta mig på en fin uteservering nu, magiskt 😍 Trosas kaffedrinkar lät väldigt lockande :> Kram!
These all look delightful! I need to go there and have some of these drinks!!
Omg men alla dessa drinkar är ju ren och skär DRÖM!
Sarah Wilson
If my trip to Sweden hadn’t just gone belly up too, I could have tried these bars out but oh no, not this year. Every travel plan is falling apart, I need a cocktail now more than eveR.
Jay Artale,
I haven't heard of this Aperol Spritz cocktail before .. so I had to google it .. looks like it might taste a bit like Campari? If so, I'm in ... I'm always looking for new ways to drink Processo.
There's some cool to highlight the cocktail spots around town. I think a big part of enjoying travel is taking the time to sit back and reflect, with a coctail of course.
(correction on typing errors) That's so cool to highlight the cocktail spots around town. I think a big part of enjoying travel is taking the time to sit back and reflect, with a cocktail of course.
Wow so many beautiful places to have evening drinks in Trosa. I loved taking drinks at Fina fisken as they look very colorful and unique too.
ojojojojoj!!! Nu blev jag sugen på drinkar! 😍
Carletta Shannon,
Oh wow, these are beautiful places and amazing looking drinks. Thanks for sharing.
Amazing cocktails and places to go. I used to run a cocktail bar for many years on the Canary Islands. I always loved to try new cocktail recipes.