4 tips for great cocktails in Visby

If you haven't been to the medieval city of Visby, on the island of Gotland in Sweden, you should really start planning that trip. The city has so much to offer and today I thought I would share some of my favorite places for drinks and cocktails, hope you enjoy the read!

Värdshuset Lindgårdens Ginbar

It's a restaurant and a hotel, with a gin bar... could it be any better? And it's not like you have a few Gin and Tonics to choose from, they hand you a five pages long menu with more different kinds of cocktails, all made with Gin. I've said it once, but I'll say it again... can it be any better?

Restaurang Rosengården

Of all the times I have been to Visby, I have never been inside this bar. And now that I have, I can't for the life of me figure out how I've missed it. It's located right by the big open square in the city center, right by the big ruin as you see in the background of the images. It's a perfect place for a bit of a historical feeling.

Black Sheep Arms

My all-time favorite place. The upper floor has a British pub feeling going on with the interior design, super cozy and warm. In the lower parts, there's a bit of a dungeon feeling to it, medieval if you like. And then there's the green and luscious backyard, perfect for a warm summer day. They use to have our favorite cider on tap, but they didn't this time, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they'll bring it back.

Bageriet Mat & Bar

How can you not stay and have a drink when the view is absolutely amazing? But to be fair, the view is not the only reason why you should stop here, the drinks are nothing short of amazing. They have the classical cocktails, but with a twist of something special like a dewberrymojito or maybe an elderberrycaipirinha.




Ja visst är det ❤️

Aliceee Traveler

Now all I'm thinking is elderberrycaipirinha. I will save this place on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing 🤗


Beautiful pictures, Visby looks so cozy!


Sounds like great place to visit. I really love the vibe of this place. Such a fun time you had there. Lucky you 😉

Autumn Murray,
I would love to visit Visby and have cocktails! It looks like an amazing place and I am always in the mood for a cocktail!
Marie Phillips,

I know this article was about great cocktails, and the tips were great, but that long floral dress is Amaaaazing.

emman damian,

looks like a fun place! Can't wait to have cocktails here!

Ntensibe Edgar,

Nnniiiccceeeeee....that weather; is it always like that, whole year or most of the year around?

Lucy Clarke,

This sure is a fab place to unwind. Those drinks look delicious too!

Dreamandcreativity ,

Så mysigt och härligt inlägg att läsa om😀😀!! Ååh, ja som sagt drinkarna är så fina!