5 tips for great restaurants on Rhodes

Who doesn't like greek food right?
The Greek cuisine is nothing short of amazing, with its typical Mediterranean spices, grilled lamb, fresh fish and seafood, dolmades, moussaka, olive oils, and of course tzatziki. So what do you choose to eat and the biggest question of all - where do you eat?

I thought I would put together our five favorite places that we visited, and sometimes even revisited, during our stay on the island of Rhodes in Greece during a week in mid-september 2021. Hope you enjoy the read and the food!

Agalma Restaurant
As we were walking back to our hotel after a day at the beach, we walked by Agalma and heard the music, so naturally we had to make a stop for lunch. Passitivo for me and a lot of meats on spits for the husband.

Country Kitchen Rhodes
Both of us love a good place where you can have a lot of starters for dinner, so we had grilled feta cheese with vegetables, halloumi and tomatoes, tzatziki, and garlic bread. To be fair, we revisited once more to try their lamb, not a favorite of mine but of my husband.

Kristinas Rooms in Old town
We ended up at this cute little hotel but it kind of took us a while to get there, and if you have ever walked the maze of narrow alleyways in the old town of Rhodes you know what I'm talking about. The price range at this amazing little hidden gem is super affordable.

Yamas restaurant
This was the only restaurant that we had looked up before we headed to the island, and the funny thing was that this was the first place we stumbled upon when we first arrived in the middle of the night as we were looking for a place to have a glass on wine. We revisited twice for dinner, that's how good they are.

Ronda Beach Bar
Okay, this was like the perfect spot for a lunch on the beach. Or just a cocktail on the beach if that's what you prefer. During our week we had lunch at Ronda about three times, simple toasts, and club sandwiches.

Okay, let's end this off with a question:
When you travel, do you look up places to eat before you head off to your destination, or do you pick your places more spontaneously?

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