As we were planning our trip to Trosa in Sweden, we came across this cute place called Ågården. It's a historic building with a courtyard center, with a bar, outdoor dining area, spa-bath, and a fully furnished greenhouse where you can have your outdoor meals indoors. And the best part, its located right by the canal.

All the rooms are entered directly from the courtyard, so as you wake up in the morning, you'll have the most amazing view. The double room that I and the husband stayed in had a small bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a bathroom with shower, and a small loungearea with wicker chairs. And a closet big enough to hold two people, as you can see in the image.

Our friend Hanna stayed in the next-door room, which was a single room with a single bed in kind of a smaller alcove. Supercute. Her room of course had its bathroom with a shower.

All rooms come with breakfast included. Needless to say, it was a great start of the day, to sit in the garden overlooking the canal and the riverwalk. And as I have mentioned before, it's okay to bring your dog along for the trip, it will set you back 25 euros for your entire stay. The dog can't come with you into the restaurant's indoor sitting areas, but its welcome to the outdoor areas.

To be honest, we did not explore the kitchen at Ågården, which of course we should have. But since we were only there for the weekend we wanted to explore the surrounding areas too, and that meant not having dinner at our weekend home. But we did try a lot of their drinks and cocktails, and I have said it before - I know, their Aperol Spritz was the best one I had all weekend.

If you are heading to Trosa, I would strongly recommend that you consider staying at Ågården. We are actually talking about going back really soon, maybe during the autumn, just as the leaves are about to change. Imagine sitting the out-door hot-spa bath, overlooking the canals, when the air is crispy cold. I can't wait!


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Your photos look amazing! What a beautiful place to visit one day once quarantine is lifted. Saving this pin!
This pictures of of the places are beautiful. I would love to visit there.