Aifur in old town Stockholm

So last week we visited this really cool restaurant in stockholm called Aifur, its kind of a feast hall in old part of town decorated in vikingstyle, with a separate bar area. I am gonna send out a warning right at the beginning of this post... there are a LOT om images, because this place is amazingly beautiful!

The images above are showing the entrance and the supercool headwaiter, who is so much more than a waiter. He's an entertainer of the highest quality.

First off we stepped into bararea as we were a bit early for our reservation. Lucky for us right? I mean, check out the images of the bar, its just supercozy. We stood there for a while trying to figure out mead to try out, when the bartender said "well, you could just ask the bartender, he might know something about it that could help you out..."
And oh yes he did, he had some really cool knowlage of what type of mead you might like based on what you usually prefer when it comes to drinks, both with or without alcohol.

Dont forget to look at the decor and details that are surrounding the bar, isn't it amazing?

Look at this diningarea with the superhigh valved ceiling. You see the picture of the smaller diningplace with the ladder, oh yes, you can actually be seated up there for you dinner.

Lets talk about the food please and the way it was servced. Haha try eating with a fork like that, it was an adventure for sure. For starters with shared a plate with saled and smoked cold cuts, and for the maincourse we had the roasted deer served with kind of a rootvegetable cake with a creamy mushroom sause and some lingonberry,

For dessert we had two differnt plates, one choklatepie filled with salted caramel served with grapefruitsorbet with fresh strawberries and one Nut and applecake with whipped cream.

As you have read, the food was amazing. But do you want to know the best part?
The enviroment, the candle light and the live music that was playing all night, combined with the superfriendly staff dressed in vikingoutfits and of course (again) the headvaiter.

So people, if you visit old town in Stockholm Sweden and dont stop by at Aifurs, you'll be missing out!


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First of all i am loving all the photos. This trip looked like so much fun!
Thanks Lily!
OMG! Your pictures actually make a virtual travel clip. Looks like a fun trip with some great food and ambience.
Oh thank you Neha, that means a lot! 😃
Wow! What an amazing place! The tableware is just wonderful, I love those glasses. And I could get used to eating my dinner with a small pitchfork 😂
What is lingonberry like? I used to collect children's books by the author Rolf Lidberg and he would always mention them. I would love to try them one day.
Lingonberries taste very tart and sour when they are fresh, but you can boil them and add some sugar, and it makes the best jam 😊 Try finding the jam at IKEA, I think they have it 😊
Carrie Ann | Should,
What a cool place! I love the concept and all the attention to detail they put into it. Plus the food looks amazing! Not sure I could be trusted to manage that huge fork, though. I'd have to ask for a kids' version 😉
Haha Carrie Ann 😃
Aifur looks like an interesting place to eat! Lingonberries jam sounds yummy! By the way, have you tried out Hermans at Fjällgatan with harbourview? It's a pretty cool place. 😊
This looks like a very fun experience. So what kind of Mead did you get and what did you think? I've never had it.
This looks a cool place to visit. If the world is not still on lockdown, I hope to be in Stockholm in August.
What an amazing looking place! I love making discoveries like this, it looks so unique. I was in Stockholm a few years ago & only wish I had seen this before. Would have loved to sit down for a proper viking meal. That meat looks perfect!

This is the place I am going for dinner when I get to Stockholm! Looks amazing 😊