Almost springtime in Sweden

Springtime has almost hit our hometown here in Sweden, so its that time of year when the browns and greens are being convinced by the light and crispy greens to step aside. You all know that time, you can almost smell the colors in the air. The winds are still a bit chilly but if you find that place where the winds cant find you, the warmth from the sun is amazing. Yesterday, it was about 10 degrees Celsius so yeah, it's still a bit chilly. And that's 50 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who use that system.

Has any gotten the hang of the conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit? After googling it, I found out that it's actually not that hard, you just double the °C figure and add 30. So 10 degrees Celsius x2 = 20. add 30 = 50 degrees Fahrenheit. See, quite easy. Okay, that was a side note.

But even though it's almost warm enough to sit outdoors, we Swedes are getting ready to set up the patio or in this case, fixing Angelica and her fiance's balcony into an outdoor living area. I know, its almost crazy, but when the sun finally is showing its face long enough during the days, that it actually gets a bit warm, the Swedes pop up like weeds. Everywhere you go during the sunny parts of the day the Swedes are lining up like Suricats to sunbathe, it looks quite funny.

And oh hey, there's a picture och Angelica and Lee's furry family member Lexi, isn't she a beauty?

So have you started fixing up your outdoor areas yet? Or maybe you're in a country where it's warm enough all year round? Please let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear your story. And hey, please let us know what town and country you are from.

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Isn't it lovely when spring comes along, everything else seems to come alive as well, especially our energy! The spring sunshine is so theraupeutic these last few days that I enjoyed my garden very much. Now its gray again 😟 hopefully we will be back to having sunshine again. Lexi is adorable xx
It sure is Georgina!
We're having a mix of weathers, sunshine one day and snor the other... Thats sweden during springtime! 😃
ser såååå härligt ut!! 😃
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