Boattrip to Lindos

After a few days of just enjoying the beaches and sunshine, we were up for a bit of an adventure so we ended up booking a boat trip to the town Lindos. If you book a tour as we did, you get picked up in the harbor in the city of Rhodes, there's one stop on the way to pick more people but otherwise, it's a few hours on the boat, and when you arrive in the small port of Lindos.

They have a small bar on the boat with some snacks and cold beverages, restrooms, of course, sunbeds both on the foredeck and on the flybridge terrasse. They even had a smaller covered area of the aft deck to get away from the sun.

Bring your walking shoes!
The first adventure you enter in Lindos is quite a steep hill up to the town, so make sure that you have a pair of comfy shoes and a bottle of water with you. If you think the city of Rhodes is hot, then you are in for a bit of a steam bath in Lindos, it gets crazy hot. And bring your camera of course, cuz the town is super pretty. I mean classic Greek style pretty, with the narrow streets and white old buildings. I could give you a bunch of images from Lindos, but I think this post is long enough with the images from the boat. More from Lindos later on.

On the way back the boat stopped at two different locations for some photos and a swim in the clear blue waters. I did not think I would go for a swim but that helped perfectly against the feeling of nausea and seasickness which I always get when traveling by boat. The water felt amazing.

I had an amazing day, and despite the seasickness, I would absolutely do it again!

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