British pub night

Who does not like a good pub crawl? Maybe not a crawl, but I do enjoy walking around from pub to pub and having a cider, a beer, and some good local pub food. So for this week's episode of our series of Food Travel we did just that, we created a British pub night.

One of my all-time favorites when it comes to pub food is Shepards Pie, I think you have all heard of it and maybe even seen it, but have you tried it?

It's really quite easy to make. You just mix minced meat, Worchester sauce, soya, salt and pepper, and an egg together to make your filling. Then do make some mashed potatoes with cream, egg yolk, and some cheese. Add your meat in the bottom of a pan, mashed potatoes on top, some extra cheese. It all goes in the oven to get that good crust. Tada, you have made yourself a Shepard's Pie!

Naturally we had some fried snacks as well, like onion rings, chili cheese, mozzarella sticks, fries, and chicken wings. But to be honest, deep-frying stuff is quite hard, so our fried foods were not really all that photogenic. We'll keep trying to perfect it for later, but for now, you'll just have to live without that image.

And as always we have that little photo bomber, this time it was our youngest cat that's called Fjant, that kindly planted her self in the basket where the beer was supposed to go, on the table. Her name is most correctly translated into Dofus because that's kind of what she is.

From left to right: Bulmers Cider, Youngs Double Chocolate Stout, Innis & Gunn, Brewdog Punk Ipa, St Peters Cream Stout, and Hobgoblin Ruby Beer.

We did a little tasting of some British beers, stouts, ales, and ciders just to give the pub feeling a bump. We rated all six of them with points, six points for our favorite, and one for our least favorite, and then we combined our points for a final score. So all five of us, me, Jacob, Angelica, Lee, and Hanna rated the bottles according to our own tastebuds. So here are our ratings, in the same order as they are lined up in the image above, just to make it a bit easier to follow along.

Bulmers Original Cider
This is a medium-sweet cider, that gives a taste of red apples with a hint of vanilla. I would say that this one is best over ice, but that's my preference.
Points: 22

Youngs Double Chocolate
This is a stout with a clear taste of dark chocolate, coffee, and fudge. It's a bit on the heavy side, so one bottle is more than enough to share as a dessert after dinner.
Points: 25

Innis & Gunn
Bourbon barrel scotch ale, that's what it says on the bottle. It's a strong ale with a golden color that's been aged on oak barrels.
Points: 21

Brewdog Punk Ipa
I have always felt like an IPA tastes kind of like an old grandmother's perfume, so that might be a bit unfair to this particular beer, but we had to have one in the game. It's said to be tasting of caramel and tropical fruit, spiky bitter finish.
Points: 7

St Peters Cream Stout
Dark and strong with a taste of creamy chocolate and bittersweet aftertaste. Like all stouts its quite rich with a clear tone of coffee and vanilla notes.
Points: 21

Slightly dry and citrusy, this ruby beer has a hint of toffee and even chocolate. And I would give this one an extra point just for the beautiful color.
Points: 11

And the winner is...

For those of you who are new to our blog, welcome. And make sure to check out our other Food travel adventures from Italy, Greece and India. I really hope you have enjoyed this week's episode!


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Ntensibe Edgar,
Wow....Dofus really did pull a good one on you there, didn't she? I love Shepherd's Pie. I just didn't know how it was made all along.

Haha she sure is 😃
Brigit Pettit,
This would be an awesome theme for a date night! Thank you!

Oh it would, I never thought of that 😊
This is awesome. Perfect for a party or for a date night!

Yeah, it would right?
Linda (LD Holland),

We certainly do like a good pub crawl. Pub food like Shepards Pie is pure comfort food for me. Hubby likes his beers the darker the better. So he would love the selection of stouts he might find. But would not pass on the Youngs Double Chocolate!

The Doubble Choclate is truly amazing!

What a great idea for home entertainment with friends and family! I'll have to try this out next time we have overnight visitors 😊

Go for it! 😊

Love this idea, and Shepard’s pie is my favourite, I also love cottage pie. Never heard of it using egg before though.


Oh I just made from the first recipe I found, so I thiught it always had eggs?

i love pub crawls! Nothing like a good Shepherd's pie - it is one of my favorite foods. The best thing is that you have the British pub foods in your home. 😊

I know right?! 😃

Being British, I loved this post. It's always good to hear what other nationalities think of our traditions. Of course everyone loves a pub 😉 But also haven't eaten Shepherds pie for ages & you've made me want to cook it again...& try the Youngs Stout - especially if it's double chocolate!

Ah thanks Sue, that sure means alot! 😃

If you're ever in Michigan, we have TONS AND TONS of breweries with local beer, wineries, and cideries! Great spot for beer/wine/cider crawl haha

Jay Artale,

If this was a real pub, you'd have me as a customer... please can I have a chilled glass for my cider! Love this concept ... hope you enjoyed our national food.