I found this really fun list of christmas thingies at our fellow travelblogger Maria, so I thought I'de fill it in. Feel free to copy the list, just give us a shoutout so we can read your answers.

Name the five first words that comes into your mind when you hear the word Christmas:
Family, community, food, Donald Duck and Santa Claus.

Continue the sentance "There's no christmas without..."

Family and friends of course *

The most important dish of the Christmasdinner?

I think its called coctail sausages, you know the small once us swedes call princes, cuz the big once are king (?) :D

Would you consider spending christmas abroad?

Oh yes, definatly, if I could pack a bit of our christmas from home, I would surely spend christmas in another country.

If you spend christmas abroad, what destination would you pick?

Hard question, right now I would just want a warm place with a great beach so I could dip my toes in an ocean.

Do you listen to christmasmusic?
Yes, I start listerning to christmas music the 1st of November *

How do you prepare for christmas?

By drinking mulled wine, baking cookies, and decoration the enire home while listering to christmas music in a really loud volume.

Best christmasmovie?

No, theres way to many to choose from!

Do you buy adventcalendars for yourself ?
No, but my fiance and mom does buy them for me * This year I got the Glossybox from my fience and a chocolate one from my mother, I never seem to grow out of it!

When is it okey to start decorating? And when do you take your christmasdecorations down again?
I am the kind of girl who starts really early, I just love the atmosphere and the feeling it gives. I think all of my decorations are done before the first weekend in december, but I am kind of quick to take them down again. After New years we're heading into longer days and shorter nights again, so that means christmas is over and the decorations go back in the box.

Hope you have enjoyed the reading, and please tag me it you do the list yourself *

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Åhh vilken myslista!! Skulle verkligen ha velat haft en julkalender men tyvärr blev det inte så iår, haha! KRAM <3
Du får köpa en adventskaler på rean Emma, då kan du öppna alla luckor på en gång 😃
Kram Angelica
Marias memoarer ,
Så kul att du också ville göra listan, och tack för länken tillbaka ❤️
Underbar lista 🥰
Du får mer än gärna använda den 😊
Kul att läsa din lista! Vi gjorde också en lista, men modifierade lite:
Åh ni hade också en kul lista! 😊
Åh vad roligt att ni också ville göra listan, och tack för länk 😍
Tack själv 😊