Could you, should you, would you?

Last spring we had a trip to Edinburgh booked but as you know that trip was canceled due to the big strike within SAS. And this year's trip to Edinburgh was canceled too. For this spring we have a trip to Paris booked during late May, but that too is at risk for being canceled due to the Coronavirus. Well, our trip to Paris is canceled.

For some reason that I just can't explain, Paris is right at the top of my bucket list, and seeing as this will be our first trip with baby Jules, Paris just seemed like a good destination to start with. I want to experience the city with her, and show her all the things that the capital of France has to offer. It would be a dream come true. But it all looks really bad and our dreamtrip has once again turned into just a dream.

Just imagine walking down the romantic streets of Paris with a babystroller, getting ready for a new day of showing my daughter what the world has to offer. Stopping at a coffee and cake shop, whilst overlooking the river Seine. Having a picnic under the Eiffel tower. Paris just seems to be the kind of city that is really baby-friendly, an easy destination to start with when you are traveling as a new family with a toddler. If you have been to Paris with a toddler or a young child, please let me know how your trip turned out. I would love to hear your tips and tricks for traveling with a youngster.

I am not all that worried for myself but I do get concerned for the baby and all the others out there that are more likely than myself to contract the virus. I do feel that I have an obligation to rethink my choices when it comes to traveling, seeing as it might affect others more than me. But of course, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all calms down fast, so we can continue to travel in good conscience, it would really suck not to be able to make the trip now that we all have our minds set for vacation. But all we can really do for now is just wait and see how it all plays out, that and wash our hands.

What are your feelings regarding the Coronavirus?
Do you have any trips planned in the future that is at risk of being canceled?

You know, for us Swedes, we don't have quarantine like most of the cities in Europe or the US. We do practice social distancing, but not to the extent that the rest of the world. Let me give you some examples of how it looks for us, we can still book a table at a restaurant, go out for coffee with friends as long as we do it in smaller numbers, and don't sit close together, we're fine. Most people go to work unless you have the kind of work that will allow you to work from home, the smaller businesses get affected, for sure. More people use their own cars instead of public transportation. Some stores have extra opening hours for the people within the high risk of being affected. You are not permitted to visit your family that is stationed at the retirement home or in the hospitals.
Social distancing is working for us.

And for the question, everyone is asking right now, even if you could travel - say that the world opens up, should you really travel in times like this?


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Så himla tråkigt att du fick avboka Parisresan!! Vi har också fått stryka vår USA resa som vi skulle på i slutet av sommaren, som tur väl hann vi inte börja boka den, skulle precis börja boka typ samma vecka som Corona kom till oss och USA stängde och allt.. ner till gudarna att det snart återgå till det normala igen!
Vi hade också tänkt oss en USA resa, fast till hösten.. men det är bara att spara semesterdagarna och pengar, så att man kan ta igen ALLA resor och lite till under 2021 😃
Elizabeth O
Paris is on my travel lists too. One of a marvelous and stunning places I loved to visit.