Days on the beach

I never knew that I could find so many hidden treasures in my own backyard. Exploring our local surroundings this summer has been so much fun, and our weekend on the island of Nåttarö was one of the best once I have had in a long time.

I mean, magical beaches, sun, and great company - what more can a girl ask for?

From Stockholm in Sweden, it will take you about 45 minutes to get to Nynäshamn by train, and from there you take the ferry over to the island of Nåttarö which will take you yet another 35 minutes and set you back about 20 euro per person for a round-trip. But for us that actually live in Nynäshamn, well, it's just a boat ride, and then you're in paradise. So why don't we go there more often one might ask...

I have probably been on the island as a kid, on a school trip, or maybe go camping with the family, but I have never been there in my adult life. I didn't think there would be beaches like this so close to Stockholm, and sure, after spending some time on Fårö I should have figured there was, but I really didn't. I have never quite had the interest to explore the local surroundings like this, and I have had zero interest in checking out the nearby archipelago and the small islands. Luckily, that makes for some great surprises as I start exploring them now.

Just having the luxury of a beach so close by all the time is amazing, I mean, I know we have some great beaches where I live... just not as beautiful and kind of exotic as this one. Spending a weekend on the island sure felt like a weekend abroad - 35 minutes away from home.


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emman damian,
I miss the beach! Great set-up with the food. I love the view. I hope to visit this beach too.

Thanks Emman 😊
Men så vackra bilder!! Ser så mysigt ut 😃

Alltså, ett sånt SUPERställe 😃
Vilken drömstrand!

eller hur? Och i Sverige, dessutom bara en halvtimme ifrån där vi bor ... who knew? 😃

sv: Ja men ellerhur!! Magiskt! Och ja min instagram widget hade försvunnit, har fått lägga in länk med min instagram nu men heter idalinneacaroline där!! 😃

Good to see you enjoying the beach in your backyard! That island of Nattaro seems like the perfect find. Sweden is such a beautiful country, you should explore more and find more hidden gems. It's nice to see you relaxing with the right beverages and yummy snacks to go with. 😊

haha thanks Jan 😃

I don't feel comfortable to fly anywhere yet so like you I'm exploring my local area & falling in love with it! I spent the day today at a palace that I've not been to for years & it was amazing. I'm very jealous of you being so close to the beach though & loving the look of your picnic. 😊

Yeah, that beach was a nice suprise 😃
Vilken härlig dag kram
Amanda (Swedish Passport),
Men ååååh! Detta ser ju helt magiskt ut, ska genast skriva upp detta på listan över dagsutflykter jag måste göra snarast 😉

Ser fantastiskt ut!
Annie - Stora Små Äventyr,

Vaad fint! Där har jag inte heller varit än, men dit tänker jag att jag ska åka någon g��ng, kanske i höst 😊