Elite Palace Hotel

It's been a really REALLY long time since we were able to stay in the city for a weekend, it's one of those things that we always talk about doing but it never seems to happen, until now.

One of the best things about staying at a hotel like Elite Palace Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, is definitely the breakfast they offer. I loved strolling around in the breakfast area, just taking it all in. Kind of like window-shopping for the perfect breakfast plate before you decide what to start with. They offered everything from bacon and eggs, yogurts, juice, sandwiches, and of course coffee.

Don't you just love spoiling yourself with a night at a hotel?

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Oh, wow! Elite Palace is certainly a fitting name for this hotel. It looks like the absolute definition of comfort!


Elite Palace looks like an amazing hotel! I always look for great hotels like this when I travel. Where you stay is just as important as the trip you take.


This looks gorgeous and the food looks so yummy! I have always wanted to visit Sweden!!


Nice hotels like this one can be a lot of fun but I love breakfasts at hotels more than anything. There is always so much to choose from. This breakfast looks delicious!

Sara | mshealthesteem.com,

Amazing food and awesome rooms? Sign me up! It's been so long since I've stayed in a hotel. You have me looking forward to next time 😊. I'd LOVE to visit Sweden someday too!

Blair Villanueva

Thanks for sharing your experience about this hotel. Just like you, having a good breakfast (buffet is a plus!) Is very important!

Elise Ho,

The breakfast choices look amazing. My family loves to go to places like this as there is something for everyone.


Lyx! Blir lite avis!


Amazing breakfast. I am loving the food options.

Anosa Malanga,

Breakfast at the hotel especially buffet is something that I am always looking forward when staying at hotel when I am traveling.