First Class from Stockholm to Gothenburg by train

We're finally on the road again, and this time we're traveling First Class.

We have not really been traveling that much by train, I would say that the only time that we really travel by train is when we're going to visit our family that lives in the South of Sweden. Once we traveled by Snälltåg which was supercute, and then back again with the faster train called X2000 and both of those times we've traveled in Buissness Class. But this time, as the caption says, we're traveling First Class from Stockholm by train to Gothenburg.

If you travel during the morning they'll give you a free breakfast, but you'll always be able to get free coffee, tea, water and fruits whilst traveling First Class. The seats are a bit more wider and you'll have some extra space for your legs, you can pre-order food, free Wi-Fi, and you'll get access to the Lounge areas on the terminals in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. If you book with good notice, you'll get away with an upgrade from Buissness Class to First Class for about 20 euro.

So is it worth it to be traveling First Class? If you look at the images and imagine yourself beeing there, would you pay the extra money to travel First Class?

And what are we doing in Gothenburg? Well, last weekend the city celebrated its 400th birthday, and this weekend the good city of Gothenburg is about to help me and my husband to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.


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