Food travel to India

So for our next destination within the foodtravel adventures we are doing, we decided to head to India for our next culinary experience. We wanted to dive into the rich colored foods, with spices like cardamom, turmeric, clove, coriander, saffron, asafetida, cumin seeds, and of course curry.

But before we set us off on our journey, let's just take a moment and clarify one thing, we are not professionals. This is homemade food, and we are not saying in any way that this is the correct way to do it. Let's just call it
Indian inspired food by a few bored swedes, okay?

Do you see that little photobomber under the table? Meet Eddie :)

We made three different main dishes... Garam masala with halloumi, spinach, and chickpeas. Grilled Tandori chicken that mas marinated with yogurt. This was our first time ever using yogurt in a marinade, I was really excited about that. And let me tell, it will not the last time, it was super delicious. And finally, Curry masala with chicken, which I do believe was a favorite amongst us all. All the dishes were served with rice and Naan bread.

As starters and sidedishes, well I don't know how they eat their foods in India, but we enjoy having them all on the table at the same time, so that's what we did. We had some Raita sauce and fried Papadums, some cashew nuts, sliced fresh mango, and some extra spinach. And of course, as you can see on the table, we have some cups for our chai tea.

In Sweden, there's only one place to buy your alcohol, and that's called Systembolaget. We pre-ordered some wines from India to have with our food, but it did not get here in time, so a simple white had to due.

As we had finished all the cooking the sun was about to set, so the dim lights were kind of perfect. We lit our candles and put on some music from India to set the mood. Not that a mood-booster was really needed, can you imagine the savory smells that was going around the entire house as we were about to eat?

So this is our second stop in our journey throughout the spices of the world, last time we had an amazing Greek dinner and I am not gonna spoil anything by telling you where we're heading next, you'll just have to stay tuned!

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Steven Morrissette
I love indian food it's true that the smell of all the aromas are mood lifting. Your pictures are great.
Marie Phillips,
All of this food loooks absolutely amazing. I would love to be eating there! This was a great way to "travel" from home.
Marias Memoarer,
Härligt med matteman! Jag har också handlat lite ingredienser så ska kanske försöka mig på indiskt på måndag då jag är ledig 😊
Eddie is so cute! I love cats. They can photo bomb anytime as far as I am concerned. Indian food is so amazing! I love tandoori chicken and rice naan bread, curry, etc. So many great dishes.
I love the idea of traveling to a different country via a food journey in your own kitchen and home! I love Indian food and all of this food looks amazing!
Lavern Moore
This food looks so delicious and that bread looks like naan-and that is my favorite I would love to try it.
emman damian,
I love Indian food. It's really spicy and so yummy! I can't wait to go back to India.
Gervin Khan
I have never tried to taste an India food before but this one looks really good and a mouthwatering dish. I need to try this!
I'm amazed by the pictures! But the food....oh my goodness I want to come over right now! This looks incredible!
looks delicious. Definitely need to get to Indai. Hopefully after the woprld gets healthier. The three dishes you cooked look wonderful.