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You all know that we have been food traveling a lot during the last one and a half years, trying out a lot of different cuisines and new ways to cook and prepare food and drinks. So traveling with Vacation in a Box is just a perfect fit for us!

This is a four-step program that will take you on an online weekend travel adventure, where you pick your destination and order your box, open your box, give it a bit of planning, and then you're off! Could it be more perfect? No, not really, especially since Angelica is kind of too pregnant to fly, and hey - there's a global pandemic going on in the world.

As you open your box, you have a bit of preparation to do before your trip. You get an itinerary containing suggestions for activities to do through out your online weekend, and a bunch of different meals to cook. Some of the meals are planned with a bit more exotic ingredients but don't worry, all of the products that would normally be hard to find are in the Box already, so you're good to go. Just choose whatever meals fit you best, and then go shopping for the basic products, and wines if that's what you prefer.

We divided the box a bit differently just to make it fit our weekend the best, but then again, isn't that what you always do on your trips? So we started out on Friday night with a bit of music and a glass of Sangria to set the mood, before we headed into the kitchen to start off the weekend with some Fideua.

You don't know what Fideua is? Well, neither did I, but it's basically a form of paella where you use noodles instead of rice. It was supposed to be a lot of different seafood in it, but we ordered the chef (me) to make it without the calamares. (squid) And the itinerary said to serve the meal with some rosé wine, that's what we did!

For Saturday we had a lot of different foods to choose from, and we couldn't really decide what we wanted for our main course, so we ended up doing everything on the menu that sounded good! Yeah, that's a lot of food! And that's tapas for you!

We had some Chorizo and Patats Bravas, Champinones Al Ajillo, Jamon Serrano, Ensaladilla Rusa and last but not least some cheese, olives and bread. And to keep that vacation feeling flowing, we put on some Spanish music and had our dinner in the pool, served with Spanish white wine (the big bottle is with alcohol and the small without).

I don't want to spoil your surprise for when you order your own Vacation in a box, so I'm not gonna show you all that was in the box or share the recipes or show you the entire itinerary. But I can tell you this, you will have a great weekend with Vacation in a Box, we sure did! We visited Madrid a few years back, just for a weekend, and this trip brought to us by Vacation in a Box sure brought back a lot of great memories.

//Ann & Angelica

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emman damian,

Wow! I really want to experience this. I haven't been in Madrid so it looks so fun to do. I want to do it maybe after the pandemic?


always love your photos! They always make me jealous but in a good way! You guys look like you're having a ball.

Det ser så gott ut mysigt ut
Lyanna Soria,

That sounds like fun and looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. Those dishes look delicious as well.
Amanda (Swedish Passport),

Men så trevligt det där såg ut, och hur härligt att sitta i poolen och äta?? Gjorde en resa till Jamaica med Vacation in a Box för någon månad sedan och det var ju ett SÅ himla roligt koncept 😊

Så kul koncept och att få återuppleva smakerna från en resa, och upptäcka nya förstås.
khoingn | The Broad Life,

Awesome! I just wish to be able to enjoy life as you. Just don't know when I can go to Madrid..

Härliga bilder kram


Så gott och mysigt det ser ut kram