Highlights from the summer of 2021

Just as the previous years 2019 and 2020 we wanted to do a bit of a summery or review of the summer that has passed. And I know we're a bit late to the game with our review, but to be honest, it all started out with a bit of a summer holiday from blogging... and that kind of turned into an autumn holiday as well. Woops. But we're back again, better late than never right, so don't forget to check in for some more content here on the blog!

We started the summer with a train trip to the city of Gothenburg where Ann and Jacob celebrated their 10th wedding anneversery.It had actually been quite a few years since we visited the city, and we fell in love with it all over again.

Angelica, Lee and baby Jules (and the preggo stomach) had a family vacation on the island Gotland, where they spent a whole week just doing kids and family stuff.

Lee and Angelica went kayacing againg, can you imagine doing that with a babybump as she did?

As we entered into our four week long vacation we started out with a few days at home, just enjoying the some time of doing absolutly nothing. But then the restlessness set in so we did a roadtrip here in Sweden, vising friends and spending some time on the road.

To the left is an image taken at Brahehus and
to the right you have Ann and her childhood friend at a restaurant in Borås.

Left, Ann and her husband Jacob in Grythyttan on a lunchdate and to the right - just Ann posing :D

For the first time in a few years Ann, Jacob and our friend Hanna revisited Visby during the Medieval Week. I cannot tell how much I had missed that. I don't think I even realised how much I had missed walking around the old cobbelstreets all dressed up in cute outfits, pretending to be apart of the fairytale.

Visby/Gotland and Medieval week!

We celebrated our birthday! Yes ours, have I not told you that Ann and Angelica are born on the same day? Anyways, we had a big crayfishparty,with all kinds of seafood, pies, cheeses and fruit.

At the beginning of September we finally got to meet baby Jamie, Angelica and Lee's second child. So now a days baby Jules are called miss Big Sister.

Baby Jamie!

Last but definatly not least, mid-september Ann and Jacob flew abroad for the first time since the pandemic started. Can you imagine the feeling of like a dream come true, we have been dreaming for so long of this day where we can get on a plane again or even just stand in line to show your passport. We ended the summer with a week on the Greek island called Rhodes.

The beachdays on the island Rhodes in Greece.

So all in all, we had a great summer!
We took a lot of trips, using both trains, car, boat and planes. And on top of it all, a new familymember was born - could it get any better?
//Ann & Angelica

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