Home and Poetry

Time really does fly when you're having a good time and we could not have been at a better place at the start of this decade, as we spent our New Years weekend in Athens Greece staying at this amazing little hotel located at the heart of of the city.

We could not have picked a better hotel than Home and Poetry!
As you could see our room was not the biggest, but surely not the smallest either. There were plenty of room for us to move around and store our luggage. As there were three of us, they brought in an extra bed.

Comming home from a walk on our first day in Athens, we were welcomed by a complementary bottle of wine and some sweet snacks, thank you so much!

The staff was really friendly, all the time, and oh so helpful. Even though we kind of rearranged the entire placement of their furnashing to get the tables between the beds as a sittingarea for wine and playing dices, they never seemed to mind. They cleaned the rooms every day and gave you fresh towels if you needed it. The little schampobottles, conditioners, soaps and lotions were always restocked, aswell as the waterbottles in the minifridge.

I am sorry to say that I forgot to take a photo of the rooftop breakfastarea overlooking the Acropolis, so sorry about that. It was a bit cold when we visited, so we had our breakfast indoors. There were a bunch to choose from, everything from greek yoghurt with honey to sandwiches with all kinds of toppings. But the best part, in my oppinion, was the warm plats with eggs, bacon, omeletts and of course coffee, tea and fresh juice.

The outdoors dining area is filled with little white tables and chairs, all with an umbrella for sunshade. They have an outdoors kitchen where they make your breakfast, totally amazing. But the best part is that the rooftop diningarea has that great view overlooking the Acropolis, where we actually spent New Years watching fireworks.

Omelette with feta cheese, tomatoes, basil and sausage. Scrambled eggs on bread with cheese and turkey.
Fried eggs, bacon, sausage and a crispy side-salad. Could breakfast be any better?

I dont know if I made this all clear in my post about the hotel, but we recommend that you stay at Home and Poetry in Athens Greece!


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