How can you afford to travel?

Well yes, thats a question that we get frequently, how do we afford to travel all the time. But before I get into that, let me explain some things first.

Both of us have regular jobs, where we earn average money. None of us are wealthy. Except if you count love, travels and drinks.

I guess we count as hobby bloggers, not professionals, so all of the funding comes out of our own pockets. We're bloggers for the fun of it, just the two of us trying to combine our memories and experiences into one online diary, to find an honest and loyal audience. But yes if you want to sponsor our trips, we probobly wouldnt say no. Of course we wouldnt. What it all comes down to, we love to travel and that costs a whole lot.

I would say its all about priorities and planning ahead. Research your destinations and search for the option that suits you best, the prices you pay for a trip really differs. If you choose to travel with an agency, you'll pay a lot more but then again you dont have to do all of the planning yourself. If you book everything on your own, the prices are cheaper, but all responsibility falls on you.

Save all that you can. Again, plan ahead, make a budget and save up. We have a shared savingsaccount, (me, Angelica and the boys) for our travels where we all pitch in every month. But that doesnt mean that we dont have our own savingsaccounts aswell. Both of us save all that we can, all the time. Every penny counts. Even if you only save 30€ a month, its a start. You'll get there. And everything is compared to travels.

I take my fair share of time to research my destinations, some might even call me a stalker. But I try to find out what airport's the best. The cheapest isn't always the best, sometimes it takes forever to travel from a smaller airport to the city so make sure that the combined transfer cost and your flight really gives you a better price than the flight to the bigger airport. And read the specific rules of the airline you're taveling with. Some airlines even charge you for your carry on bag, while others let you check in a 20kg bag for free. There might be an extra fee if you dont check in online, so check that out beforehand. Trust me - thats really expensive, we've tried it.

Who doesnt love living in the center of the city, preferably within walking distance, so I always try to find an Air Bnb apartment which most of the time saves you a bunch of money. Its nice to stay at a hotel for sure and its not that we dont use hotels, I'm just saying that if you want the budget version of our travels, use an Air Bnb. Its not just a cheap way of staying in a foreign country, there are some cool apartments out there that will take your vacation over the top.

It may not be much of a tip for you guys, but thats all we do. Plan ahead, research and save all that you possibly can. Sleep, work, travel, repeat. And once in a while, we totally go off book and take a spontanious trip, that ruins all of the planning and saving.

So tell me, how do you afford to travel?


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Jay Artale
Jay Artale,
We prefer independent travel - taking buses and train, booking AirBnB, eating at local restaurants, but we also spend a lot of time doing Workaway - where you get accommodation and food in return for 4 hours per day, which eliminates a lot of the travel costs and also gives you an opportunity of integrating with a local community and getting under the skin of a destination. We're currently on a 3 month tour through France using workaway.
So thats what you're doing Jay! I have been following you on instagram and I have been wondering... but it seems like an amazing way to get to travel a lot! 😃
varsha vanjani
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