I had a dream...

... of Italy, and more specifically Rome. I am really happy that I have these images, cuz this was the place I was dreaming about, so I am happy to be able to share this with you.

We found this place whilst just walking around in the city, as we aimlessly did for hours. Turn here, stop there, take a left, pause, go right... you know the drill. You keep walking until you find yourself totally lost in the beauty of the city, stopping only when you find that great spot that gives you exactly what you want. This was this kind of place for us, we took a turn, ended up in an alley covered with greens. And hey, there was a restaurant.

But the place was not really open, it was about to close for a few hours between lunch and dinnertime. But without hesitation, they offered us to sit down, have a glass and stay for as long as we wanted. So they closed down and left us in this beautiful outdoor area, that we had just for ourselves, and I remember thinking that this was just magical.

I wish I could tell you the name of the restaurant, or even the path to walk to find the place, but I can't... so if anyone of you recognizes the place, please let me know, I would love to go back there someday not just visit in a dream.

Maybe its the current state of the world, that we are not able to travel right now that sends me into dream like this. But yes, I would love to go back to Rome, its that kind of city that you are not done with. We only stayed in the city for a long weekend, and that's simply not enough time to see the entire city, it has so much more to offer. I am betting that there are plenty more back alleys to get lost in...

So tell me, have you been to Rome?


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Lyanna Soria,
Never been to Rome before but I'd love to go there someday with the family.
Taylor oldman
I was in Rome for 2 days. Not enough. Need to go back and savor the place
Rome is one of my dream destinations. I love to see it before my very eyes one day. I am just saddened of the news about Italy nowadays. Hope things get better soon.
Billy Sandoval
Sounds like a great place to visit while in Rome. The images are really inviting.
Elicit Folio
Love your travel blog! We too wandered aimlessly in Italy, especially Rome. Lovely photos and stories! Please keep posting more articles!
I absolutely LOVE Rome - it is one of my favourite cities in the world. I definitely plan to take a trip there again once this is all over.

Ashlee | ashleemoyo.com
Love this! I love to walk aimlessly and only want to return when it is late. Italy is a place where I felt safe walking even late at night. Rome and many other cities are on my list for this year. Let's see how things turn out.
Yes, Rome is a beautiful city full of historical sites to visit. It has a character and even though it is crowded, visitors still love its spirit! 😊
Elizabeth O
Rome is definitely on my bucket lists. I love visiting their historical and mosaic architectures. It is really an eye sight and inviting.
Ntensibe Edgar,
Ah no, I haven't been to Rome before. I would love to, though.