Inside of St Giles Cathedral

Its beautiful right?

The cathedral is located on the Royal Mile, you simply cant miss it and you really shouldnt. If you visit Edinburgh in Scotland, just make sure that you see the cathedral, both inside and out, its really amazing. Maybe I shouldnt put that on you, I only entered the cathedral on my second second visit to Edinburgh...

If you want to phograph inside the cathedral, make sure that go get a photopermit. Just stop at the enrance and you will see the sign for the permits. As a photonerd, it was all worth it for me.
But what about you, would you pay a fee to be able to take pictures?


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Annalisa Fran
Annalisa Fran,
Hi Ann! Stunning photos as always... No I think I wouldnt pay a fee... it would depend on my mood I guess on how much I've enjoyed the trip so far.
Thank you Annalisa, you are always so kind!
I love Cathedrals and castles and all kinds of buildings with historical architecture. Beautiful pictures as usual.
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