Iphone, Android or SLR?

You all know I love photography right? I have been photographing everything from my toys as a kid, to models in cool destinations abroad, I do a bit of landscape photography within my work and now lately I have found a fascination for taking beautiful images of food and drinks.

It's not just a quick photo for an Instagram story, I really enjoy taking my time to set up the image. Finding the right light, the props and backdrop have to be perfect. I am trying to use everything I have learned through my years doing fashion photography to get the colors and composition right but to be honest I am just getting started with this type of photography. As always we try to shoot with both our phones and my camera, and I always like the images on the phone in the beginning, but as I start editing the photos from the camera - they always win. And I mean, the images from the phone is not bad, not at all, in fact, they are great. But there is no comparison to an image from an SLR camera.

How about you, what kind of equipment do you use?

I f you feel like recreating the cocktail, all you need is a pretty glass, some Rum, Pink grapefruit liqueur, a splash of Elderflower liqueur, a bucketload of ice if it a crazy hot summer day, sodawater and of course some flowers to use as garnish. It's good, I'll tell you that. A perfect mix och sweet and sourish. Enjoy!


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Smart phones are really doing awesome jobs nowadays, but when it comes to DSLR, it's a bigger ball game, resolution is always higher.
It sure is 😊
Lozzy Sq,
I almost always use my SLR, but if I had a phone with a better camera I wouldn't be against using that! I just don't trust myself not to drop and smash a really expensive phone when I'm travelling haha
I have a great camera in my phone, but still... the SLR always wins in the end anyways 😊
We use our iPhones a lot when we travel. But we still use point and shoot digital cameras too.
Candy Rachelle
I am strictly Android. I don't care what anyone says, Samsung Galaxy has the best camera out there for phones. It's alwas that and my DSLR!!!

Candy Rachelle
Keeping Up With Candy
I miss my iphone! It took the besst pictures. I have an iphone 6 now (downgraded) and it's nothing in comparison!
I end up mainly using my iPhone. Unless I'm underwater, and then it's my Canon Powershot (although I'm trying to get used to a GoPro).
Wonderful shots of pink beauties and I too agree camera has its own benefits and sometimes mobiles are very handy. If we are attending some event or function then mobile is very pocket friendly but yes the resolution of camera is always great.
Melanie Varey ,
I end up taking all of my photos on my iPhone. I do need to invest in a decent camera though as I take a lot of food pics.
Linda (LD Holland),
We always travel with an iPhone and a DSLR. The iPhone is great within its sweet spot. But the DSLR gives us great zoom and wide angle shots. The iPhone is used for social media shots when we are travelling. But the blog has a mix of both.
Jay Artale,
On long trips I travel with a DSLR and iPhone ... and a GoPro .. but on shorter trips I'm down to my iPhone. I have a bit of a camera habit, and last year bought a polaroid camera too. so impractical, but great for a party. But just so expensive. I've been out in my garden during lock down photographing nature, espeically the bees and the butterflies in Slo-mo.