Langos from Hungary

This time of year or hometown usually has its main even, a market, or a fair. But like everything else right now, it was canceled due to Covid 19. The one thing we always pick up at the pair is the Hungarian street food Langos. Its a fried bread, sometimes called Hungarian pizza.

It kind of seems like I am saying this every week as I sum up our latest food adventure, but this was super easy to make. All you need is a large potato, freshly boiled and mashed, flour, salt, water, and yeast. You're good to go for making the bread, so mix it all together and let it rise for about forty minutes. Start to heat up the oil in a large frying pan. Then divide the dough into smaller portions, cover them, and leave them to rest again for about fifteen minutes. Here's where the fun starts, it's now time to fry the bread. By now the oil should be hot, so be super careful. Fry one langos at a time, about two minutes on each side, pick them, and drain on a paper towel.

For our toppings, we used sour cream, red onions, both black and red caviar, grated mozzarella cheese, ham, and shrimps. See, it's super easy to make!

Now for the hard part... eating it without making a mess. That's a bit tricky, I'll tell you that. As you take your first bite, you're quite alright, but as you dig in for a bit - that's when it becomes messy. Use a big plate, a lot of paper towels, cuz this is not a first date meal, especially if you're dating a boy with a beard.

Angelica, Jacob and baby Jules, Ann.

Hanna, Jules, Lee.

Even though we missed out on the yearly fair, making our own langos was absolutely time well spent. We all enjoyed eating it, all but baby Jules who is a bit too young to be eating this kind of food yet, but we are so looking forward to sharing it with her as she grows.

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the joyous living,
your site is so dif to navigatie and comment on especially since i cannot see what i am writing. and the video ad is constantly taking space. and preventing me from reading post and commenting. the fried hungarian bread sounds great though.
Jeg har aldri testat langos. Ser godt ut 😍 Ha en bra helg!
blair villanueva
Oh my, this post is making me hungry! I haven't tried langos and you presented it very deliciously!
This looks like great food for those that can enjoy, but I can't have dairy and meat so this is not one for me to try personally x
Langos är suveränt gott om dom inte är för feta och att det ligger massor av gott å den! 😊
emman damian,
I tried this in Budapest. It's so yummy! I remember I had a second serving.
Dreams Abroad,
Hungarian street food is so amazing and full or flavor. I cannot wait to eat some more. Thank you for reminding me of these.
They sound & look delicious! Love the photos too - baby Jules is very cute. Glad you were able to enjoy a tiny part of Hungary even if the market was cancelled.
Hahaha, langosh is my favourite, too. It's a very popular street food is all central Europe, not just Hungary. Recipe used in Slovakia uses no potato. And for the toppings, the most popular is fresh mashed garlic with olive oil and salt or sour cream with grated cheese. And you are right, it's hard to eat it withou mess 😊 😊
That looks so super tasty! Might just have to give this one a go!