Lets go traintrotting around the world

A small part of my family lives down in Småland, which is a part of the south of Sweden. My family uses to be less spread out, but at least all but one of us lives around Stockholm. So that is why we had a bit of a swecation for the Christmas holidays, which is always nice. Don't you agree?

But that was not what I wanted to talk about, I was actually thinking of the huge difference in comfort when it comes to airplanes vs trains.

Last time we traveled by
snälltåg, translated kind train, how cute is that? But this time we went with the faster train X2000. There is not a huge difference in time between the two trains though and not in cost either.

The seats are really comfy, on either of the trains, I can't really tell for sure but it feels like the seats are wider compared to an airplane. You have so much more leg space, its ridiculous. I could easily place my carry-on bag in front of my feet and still have room for my legs. Most people would not fit that way but I do since I am a travel-sized woman, I rarely have a problem fitting into small spaces. If you have longer legs you could place your bags in the overhead compartment, and have plenty of leg space. There are even a few places in each carriage where you have seats for four people, with a table in the middle.

On planes, you have a variety of foods and beverages to choose from, and likewise on the train. The biggest difference is that you can stand up on the train and walk into the Bistro for a bite to eat, so you can get a change of scenery whilst on the train. You don't have to be seated all the time and wait for your food cart to roll by.

And hey, even the bathrooms are biggest. Not big enough to dance in, but there is plenty of room to change a diaper. There are usually two bathrooms in each carriage.

I can not help but think of the endless places you could travel to from Stockholm Sweden, starting with Copenhagen in Denmark. That will take about 5 - 5,5 hours with the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, depending on what train you choose and a roundtrip will cost you about 80. If you go by flight it will take your time to travel to the airport, which takes me about an hour longer than to the train station. Then you have to be at the airport two hours ahead of departure. The flight takes an hour. From Copenhagen airport into Copenhagen, well about 15 minutes. So if you go by flight it takes you 4,15 minutes and it will cost you about 100. And trains will take you about an hour longer.

So what do you say, let's go train trotting around the world?


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Train trotting is a cool concept! They are becoming more popular around North America now, but I have always wanted to do it in Europe!
I would easily ditch the plane for a train ride! Absolutely enjoy train journeys and love travelling around Europe on train whenever I could. So much less hassle with security and baggage clearance plus it offer great opportunity to appreciate the landscape we pass through. Count me in on your traintrotting around the globe.