So its that time of the year again, all the restaurants around us are serving up their smorgosboard with christmas foods. Last year we visited both Resturang Kroken and Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri, so for this years get together we are trying out Nynäs Gården. Oh yes, we're trying out another local restaurant.

Oh yes, babies changes cloths alot...

So first off, we're going there with Angelica and Lees newborn baby. So we called ahead just to give them heads up that we might need some extra space for the babies stroller. That was just no problem at all, we got a more secluded table with more privacy and spcae just to our selves. I mean, look at the room and the table we got, on the picture above. Thank you so much!

There was so much good food, the swedish christmas smorgasbord at its best. Christmas ham, pork and lamb saugsages, meatballs, eggs, chrimpsalads, anchovy mixtures, and my personal favorite - the homemade the pickled herrings (vegan choices aswell), wort-flavored rye bread, cheese, potatoes. Basically its an all you can eat buffe table and then some, its was really an abundance of food.

The staff at Nynäsgården is really the best, so helpful and friendly. And once again, I want to give thanks to you for your warm welcoming and kind smiles.

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Omg men maten <33 Jag dör!
Japp, man var mätt i flera dagar!
I love every single one of those foods. Now I'm hungry for salmon. Yum!