Plaka Stairs

Besides the big buildings and tourist attractions in Athens, Plaka stairs were one of the things I had my eyes set on seeing during our visit to the capital of Greece. I just had an idea of a really friendly vibe, where people were sitting around and drinking wine, eating some snacks and smoking way too many cigarettes.

I do admit though that in my head, as I was planning to sit on the Plaka stairs, I was imagining more sunshine and for certain more people. But we were there before lunch on the day after the new year's celebrations, so there was no crowd at all. But no sun either, unfortunately.

There are all types of places to be seated, just you take your pick. You can sit straight on the stairs on a small cushion having only a small stool as a table. Cute and cozy right?

If you want some more comfort there are regular tables as well, you just take a seat where ever you want and the menu will be brought to you with a smile.

So was it all that I thought it would be?

Well, if you add some sun to go with that jug of sangria, it would have been rated higher but I can't really blame the poor restaurant owner for that, can I? I mean, he did bring us some appetizers with fish and eggs.

I can only imagine how nice and cozy Plaka stairs must be during the summer, I would most likely spend several hours there if I could.
And seeing as its a place that really attracts tourists, it was very affordable. We did not pay any over-priced even though its a place that could easily cost you quite much.

So yes, it was all that it's cracked up to be. If you ever visit Athens in Greece, I recommend that you have some wine at Plaka stairs.


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Oh, you're right. It looks like a lovely spot to relax and enjoy a bite to eat.
I visited Plaka a couple of years ago but didn't know about Plaka stairs. Looks like a really cool place to enjoy a glass of Sangria. Glad you enjoyed it, despite the lack of sun!