Plans for the summer?

Do we have any plans for the summer? Sure we do!

We don't have a lot planned in detail yet, but we have decided that we're staying in Sweden for this summer to. I know that some of you are planning trips abroad but for us it just seems more right to stay in Sweden. None of us have even gotten the first shot of the vaccine, so it just seems to early to even think absout heading out of the country.

I can tell you this much though, there are some plans in motion. Gothenburg is booked, so is the island of Gotland, and we have talked about seeing some more of the archipelago that are surrounding out hometown. But I am sure that we'll be exploring some more places around Sweden as well, we just haven't decided were we're heading yet, but I'll let you know.

How about you, what are your plans for the summer?

//Ann & Angelica

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Brianna S

Sweden? How fun! What a beautiful place! We will be doing a lot of traveling this summer.


I would like to go to Sweden. It always sounds like such a wonderful place to see.

Elise Ho,

We have not made any particular plans. However, it is something to consider.

Let me know what you decide on Elise 😊
emman damian,

It really depends if travel is already permissible. I really hope I can travel to nearby countries at least. I want to go to Thailand or Vietnam maybe.

Åh, det låter underbart med sommarplanerna! Vi kommer också att besöka Gotland, först Visby kort men sedan Stora Karlsö som är ett av våra smultronställen här i världen. Man får helt enkelt skriva under på den gamla devisen "Sverige är fantastiskt"!

Sommarplanerna låter underbart! Jag har ingenting alls planerat. Men nånting måste jag göra.

Jag hoppas bara på att kunna komma hem till Sverige i ett par veckor i sommar, det är resa nog för mig <3

Vad mysigt med Göteborg 😃
Dreamandcreativity ,

Åh, Gotland 😀!

Det lyder nu også dejligt - især med Gotland. Jeg skal til Portugal juhu