Review of 2019

Last year we did a Review of 2018 so lets keep this up and make a small review of this year as well.

We started 2019 in Dublin Ireland with the best group of people ever, so we kicked off the new year in style. We have stayed in Europe all year, even though we've had the ambission of going on a longer trip. Travelling longer takes some more planning on our behalf, and to be honest, we're kind of to impulsive to plan a longer trip.
Anyways, here's what we have done during 2019:

Our next trip was suppose to be Scotland and Edinburgh, but that trip was cancelled due to the big SAS strike... here's a recap of our Cancelled flight. But fear not, we did get our revenge!

The summer was filled with all kinds of travels and explorations of our hometown, but the autumn kept us home. Since Angelicas pregnancy kept us from flying, we planned both train and boat trips, but we never quite got around to it.

Greece, Athens

Number of trips: I would say 5, as we did Nessebar and Sunny Beach on the same trip. (-3)
Visited countries: 6 (-2)
New countries: 2 (-2)
Days traveling: 24 (-9)

We did not travel as much as we wanted to this year, well face it - if we would travel as much as we wanted to, we would go broke kind of quickly and the boys would be all stressed out. But we did travel a lot less than last year, but then again, Angelica couldnt really travel as much due to the pregnancy.

And just as last year we're having trubble deciding which trip was the best... but even though it rained a bit every day, Bulgaria really surprised us. Maybe its because we didnt have any expectations at all and none of us had been there before, but we all really enjoyed it. That is one country that we would like to revisit and get to know a bit better.

We could end this by giving you a hint of our predictions and bucketlist for 2020, but thats gonna an entirely differnt post, so stay tuned for that one. So instead we're gonna end this off by saying thank you, you are the best!

//A & A

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Seems like you got a lot accomplished last year. Hopefully, this year will be even more successful.
Thanks Denise 😊
Congratulations on the Angelica's pregnancy. Even if you didn't travel as much as you wished, it does sound like you got in some good adventures all the same.
Thank you Erica!
emily zielinski
this looks really good
We had a good year 😃
You traveled more than i did last year -- I am a bit jealous! It looks like you visited some great places. I look forward to see where you go this year!
We have three trips booked so far 😊
You have me curious about Bulgaria now. I do love to travel.
Wow, someone had a fun year 😊 Here's to your good health and many more years like this or better.
Sarah M,
You had an amazing year. May this year has many more beautiful memories.
Sounds like an amazing year of travel! I am interested in Bulgaria now too! I love being surprised by places.
Looks like you had a great year & bearing in mind what has happened so far in 2020, you definitely made the most of it! I agree with you about Bulgaria. I went in the summer for the first time, mainly around Sofia & the Rila area but I really loved it. Would also like to go back & see more.

You did a great job

I like your article

Keep it up