Scott Monument

This is a hard one to miss when you visit Edinburgh, it in the middle of the city. Clear visibility from wherever you go. I think I have hundreds of images of this building, from all different angles. But let me tell you this, this is one beautiful monument and I completely understand the location of it but its not really photogenic. I have been there early morning, late night, in the middle of the day, with and without the sun. Nope, my friends, the monument is not really that photogenic. It's hard to get a good picture of it, and I know it, I have been trying my best.

If you are interested in seeing the monument up close and personal, its located in Princess Street garden, near Edinburgh Waverly Railway station. You can't miss it, it's just above 60 meters tall.

Some of all my attempts to get a good image of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh, Scotland.

You can enter the Scott monument if you want to climb the tower. It's divided into four levels with a total of 287 steps. It's a spiral staircase that gets narrower the higher you climb and the stairs can feel a bit unsteady at times, but it's perfectly safe. And the view from the top is nothing short of amazing, so its well worth the climb.
The price to enter is about 10 euros.

The monument is named after the author Sir Walter Scott. Doesn't ring a bell? He was a novelist, playwriter, historian and poet. Still no? Okay, if I say Lady of the Lake and Ivanhoe, then you know who he is right?

The foundation was laid back in 1840, on the 15th of august, which is both mine and Angelica's birthday. Kind of a fun none-fact to story right? Anyways, it was not completed until 1844 but it was not inaugurated until 1846. Also on the 15th of august.


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Gonna have to climb the 287 steps when I am next in Edinburgh, perhapa not for the pictures but for the experience.
I think you should Georgina, I am sure you would enjoy it 😊
This monument caught my attention when I was researching what to do in 1 day in Edinburgh. I must say you have managed to take some pretty cool shots. But I will save the 10 euros by not entering the monument as I can see this from outside.