Summery cocktails

Well, it ain't summer of you're not making some cocktails right?
Okay, the cocktails may not define the seasons, but there is a difference in what kind of drinks and cocktails I make throughout the year. I mean, not really in the mood for mulled wine in during the summers, and not really craving that ice-cold Bellini during the cold winter nighs, right? At least that's the way I feel. During the summers I tend to make fresh, light, and fruity cocktails and a lot of different sangrias, so I thought I would share some of them with you and hopefully get you inspired.

1. Apple sour with a twist

- Apple Sour
- White rum
- Soda
- Lemongrass
- Ice

2. Piggelin:

- Pear Popsicle
- 7-up
- Vodka

This is a Swedish cocktail, you put the popsicle in the drink for flavor and ice, super-tasty!

3. Pink Elderflower

- Elderflower liqueur
- Pink Grapefruit Juice
- Rum
- Ice

4. Red Wine Sangria with watermelon and raspberries

- A simple red wine
- Peachtree
- Juice with raspberries and watermelon
- Sprite
- Ice
- Oranges for decorations
(and hey, do you see the lurking tiger in the background, that's my baby, Ernst)

5. Pink Passion

- Add lots of ice
- Passoa passion fruit liqueur
- a splash of vodka
- top it up with 7-up
- Cherries as decoration

This is a super-fresh and simple cocktail to make. And yes, there is a sleeping cat in the background, it's Eddie. That kind of seems to be a thing right nog, don't it? The cats are photobombing us.

There you have it, five summery cocktails that you could easily make at home. And one thing I do recommend when you are making your special drink, make sure to give it some extra time for the decorations. Don't be afraid to go overboard, just go all in and make it as festive as possible. Make it pretty!

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Tack för goda drinktips kram
These look so delicious and yummy! Want to make at least one before the end of summer. Thanks for sharing!