The cherryblossoms in Stockholm

There's not really any need for words to describe images like this right?
We have been talking about going to Stockholm in Sweden during springtime just to see the cherry trees in bloom for... I don't know, years and years. And to be honest, I did not plan to visit this year at all, it just kind of happen so why not stop for some quick photos.

Don't you just love cherry blossoms?

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Ivan Jose,

Such lovely photos. I haven't seen cherry blossoms in person yet so I hope to see them after the pandemic.
Eileen M Loya,

Cherry blossoms are really beautiful. I've seen the ones in Japan and it is just jaw dropping in its beauty!

Cherry blossoms are nice to look at. And in Sweden, you can enjoy these views and so much more

The cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous. I love that your outfit complements the color of the blossoms!

Those cherry blossoms are so pretty! You captured them perfectly. Love springtime when the trees start to bloom.

I've only seen cherry blossoms like these in person in Washington, D.C. One day I'll have to make my way over the Atlantic and check these out!

So pretty! I love cherry blossoms!


I have never seen a cherry blossom tree in real life, these are stunning!
Ntensibe Edgar,

Ah yes, I do love them! They remind me of the first school I ever saw them...Namilyango College!
emman damian,

I didn't know there's Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm! Wow! I miss Stockholm a lot. I hope I can visit again.