The Old Ottoman

Our last day in Istanbul Turkey we were debating where to have dinner, so I started googeling and checking online and I found a recomendation from instagram. The old Ottoman. And boy, you were right!

This place is nothing short of amazing. Even though its a full size restaurant the atmosphere feels kind of like you are in someones home, its warm and welcoming. The staff is so kind and friendly, and so helpful with their recomdations of food and wines.

We ended up ordering to much food as always, somehow I always tend to think I can eat my own weight and at the Old Ottoman I almost did. We ordered a mixplate for starters, with hummus and yoghurt oh my, that we shared between the four of us. And a bottle of wine. For the main course we got a huuuuge plate of grilled meats and vegetables. You see the size of that?
So we stuffed out faces with all kinds of goodies, to he point of no return, and when we finally were ready to give up - they brought dessert!

Do I really have to say that I ate to much?

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Brooke ,
Looks delicious! I would probably eat more than I could handle. I can tell from your photos that it's a very warm and invting atmosphere.
This looks amazing. Once of our favourite things while travelling is experiencing the amazing food.