The perfect image?

So what is the perfect image? Is it the left one with focus on the drinks served at a beachtavern in Sunny Beach, or the right one taken as a behind the scenes image?

Personally I like the left image best, but it all depends on the use of image. The left image I would use on instagram, in a photobook, maybe even as a canvas on my wall. But then again I would post the right one on my instagram stories, its perfect in a blogpost and I would probobly use it in the photobook aswell. How do you manage to take that perfecet picture whilst travelling...

What do you think?

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I like both. I like a nice pose photo sometimes but I love candid and behind the scenes shots as well.
emman damian,
For me, it's all about the angles and lighting. It's also the contrast and texture. Trial and error works!