The poolarea

The poolarea of our hotel in Hersonissos, Crete.

I dont have a lot of images from this old trip to Hersonissos on Crete. It was back then when you carried a compact camera with you, and you image of each object. I think I took about fifty images, total, during the entire week we spent there. And I remember thinking that it was a whole lot of images. To compare that to present day, I take about a thousand images on a weekend trip. Yepp, thats a lot of editing.

We spent most of our days by the hotel pool, kiddo didnt really swim back then, so it was easier for him and us to stay by the pool. And as kids usually does, he found some friends to play with. I am always amazed by the fact that kids always find friends in other countries, it really doesnt matter that theres a language barrier between them. Kids dont care.
Isn't kids amazing that way?


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Eileen M Loya
Eileen M Loya,
Greece is a dream destination for me. I dream of exploring every town, every city there. If I could only move to Greece to live the rest of my life there, I would!
Oh you really should go to Greece Eileen, the country have so much to offer. I have been to about eight different destinations in Greece, and I loved them all 😃
Amber K
Amber K,
What a fantastic pool area. I am completely jealous of you being in Greece. I've always wanted to go
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