Vacationmode on Fårö

Winelunch by the beach on the island Fårö.

Yeah, I am still on vacationmode so that's why it might be a bit quiet in here whilst I am hanging around places like in the image above. But you all know I am bad at updates when I am actually on my vacations, I don't need to apologize for that do I?

We kind of stumbled upon this place as we were looking for a place to have lunch before we started exploring the little island Fårö just outside Gotland here in Sweden, pretty cute huh?

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Talk soon!



Charis | Choose Frugal,
Beautiful! It's always the places you don't plan that end up being the best. Have fun!
The Joyous Living,
so beautiful. you look like you're in Vacation wonderland. Hope you are having a great summer.
I wish I was in vacation mode. We have been home since March and it doesn't look like we will be able to go anywhere this year.
Marie Phillips,
This looks like a little corner of heaven! Glad you got to enjoy it. 😊
Sara |,
A gorgeous spot! I think time away is important. Enjoy your vacation ♡
blair villanueva
Wow, happy vacation for you! And yeah why not enjoy the beach with a glass of champagne. I am jealous!
Ntensibe Edgar,
Ooohhhhhh....this is nice. I was wondering where you had gone. It had been a while.
katrina kroeplin
i'm jelly, i need a vaca so bad. we were to go on one but just had to cancel it due to carona
Minakshi Bajpai,
Hey, this place looks so beautiful. thanks for sharing these photos and your experience.