Walk with me through the streets of Krakow

As you can see in all of the images the weather was quite grey at the time we visited, but to be honest that's hardly exclusive to Krakow during late autumn. All of the northern parts Europe kind of has that kind of weather in between the seasons.

But the architechture is really stunning, so even though I always prefer blue skies and sunshine, I hardly minded the greyish. As you can see the buildings are old but colorful, with lots and lots of shopping and restaurants. As we walked through the old cobblestreets, we saw quite a lot of restauration of the building and one thing that really struck me was the fact that when the renovated the buildings they tried their best to keep the old style. I love that. We have visited to many old cities where they have build to much modern buildings within the cities, and in my opinion, that's just wrong.

If you think the city is beautiful during daylight, wait until you see the images of Krakow by night...

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