Bucketlist for 2020

Yes, we did a Bucketlist for 2019 aswell, so why not make it a tradition?

Last year we cheated by putting Madrid on the list, even though we had already booked the trip. But then again, I think we kind of jinxed last year's list, cuz we only made it to two of our bucket list destinations. We made it to Madrid and Edinburgh in Scotland. We didn't even make it to Copenhagen, and that's like a train ride away...

So first off is two of last year's bucket list destinations, that we're gonna leave on the list for this year as well. Maybe even a third... yes, a third, let's keep three. Here we go, Paris, New Orleans and Scotland are staying. Some of the other destinations that were on last year's list has kind of lost the priority and is no longer that attractive. Does that make sense?

  • Paris - yes, I know its kind of cheating, since our trip to Paris is a done deal, we're going to Paris at the end of May. But has been on the list since last year, so it's staying on.
  • New Orleans - I called it an overreach last year, but I don't think so anymore. This is one of those dream-come-through trips, and I'm thinking that this is the year when my dream does come through.
  • Edinburgh - Yes, I know, I did make it to Edinburgh last year, and the year before that, so I have checked that off the list, but that doesn't mean that I can't go back, does it? And as you all know I am cheating again, since we've already booked another trip Edinburgh during Beltane.
  • Greece - I would love to see more of the greek island. I have been to Greece a bunch of times, to both the mainland and several of the islands, but there are still places I would love to see and maybe even have a summer vacation there. I guess this is cheating too, cuz we visited Athens for New Years, so... ah well.
  • Tallinn - oh yes, this trip is definitely long overdue. I so want to go on a cruise ship from Stockholm for a weekend in Estonia.
  • Copenhagen - Yepp, I think that was on last year's bucket list as well. But after going on that train ride to the south of Sweden I really do want to go to Copenhagen by train, that seems like a great trip to do.
  • A New Years Trip - well, as always I want to go away for a New Years' trip, but I have not really decided or found the right destination yet, so can I get back to you on that? Or maybe you have some advice on where to spend the New Years' weekend?

We had eight destinations on last year's list, but this year we have shortened it to seven, which seems obtainable. And to make the list more obtainable, we shorten the number of destinations by one... Haha okay, let's just say this, we could have made last year's list for sure, life just kind of got in the way.

Of course, the ultimate bucket list is way longer than that, for sure. But if we don't stop at an achievable number, we're gonna go totally bananas. We have talked about it and to be completely honest, besides the destinations listed above, we are not totally sure where we want to go during 2020 ... do you?

If you have a bucket list for 2020 of your own, please link it down below, we would love to read yours!
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Marias Memoarer
Marias Memoarer,
Edinburgh har jag också inbokat i år 😊 Sommaren och hösten är ännu öppet, men bl.a. Marocko, Portugal och något annat afrikanskt land finns i tankarna just nu..
Du kommer att älska Edinburgh Maria, det är jag helt säker på!
Synd att vi inte är där samtidigt, det hade varit kul att ses 😊
Wow great bucket list and all places mentioned above are worth visiting too. Due to sudden change of my travel plans, my wishlist is disrupted but will add some more too. Enjoy your travels.
Thank you Yukti ❤️
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