Dinner at Aquamarin in old town

If you're walking into old town Nessebar, keep to your left just by the water. just on the edge of the town. But keep your eyes to your right, and you'll see this place. Just look for the old wagonwheels and you'll find the restaurant Aquamarin.

The view from the restaurant is amazing, just sitting there sipping some wine and watching the sun set, thats kind of magical. If you're into that. Who am I kidding, whos not into that?

The food was great, especially the seafood. But if you ask the rest of the group, the boys will probobly say that the best thing was the Guinness. That was kind of a hard thing to come by in Nessebar and the boys really love it. As for Angelica, yes they had a non-alcoholic beer (pregnant, remember?) but they had no non-alcoholic wine. I dont think we found a single place that had that during our stay in Bulgaria.

Anyways, the restaurant has got some really reviews and live music, so if you are in town and looking for a safe bet, this is it!

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I have been to Bulgaria in the winter, but never the summer. It looks amazing, quaint and so beautiful. Nessabar looks a great place to visit.
This looks a great place to visit. I like the photo with the bird in flight. very arty
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