Friday drinks - Baileys

Yes, I do love me a glas of Baileys from time to time, even though I'm not much of a sweet tooth. So for this Friday Drinks I'm gonna share an image of me having a glas of Baileys in Madeira during our chrtistmas trip.

Do you like Baileys?

Have a great weekend!

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Jay Artale
Jay Artale,
I tend to only drink Bailey's at Christmas time ... and it has to be with ice. And it has to be the original version, none of the flavoured versions. I can quite happily drink glass after glass of it ... but then I end up feeling guilty because of all that cream!
I love Baileys Irish Cream! Yes, I always ask for it in my flights with lots of ice. Many times, they don't have it and give me some other Italian brand - Amaretto? That tastes good too! 😊
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