Has the summer come to an end?

Well, the question is, as the topic says - has the summer come to an end?

I hate the thought of it, but it seems like we dont really have a choice in the matter, or even a vote. The summer is ending. The season is turning, its getting colder and the autumn wether is showing off its power. When I was kid, I always though that the summer ended when school started, but nowadays Im gunning for a longer summer. Its almost mid september and Im only beggínning to cave.

So whats next?

Hibernation? No, not really. I still belive there are some good days left until the summer comes to a final end, and Im gonna do my best to catch them. I will do my best to enjoy the last days of the swedish summer before its time for knitted scarves and beanies. But to be fair, I am planning ahead. Yes, of course, Im planning trips for the autumn, arent you?
I did a blogpost with the topic Bucketlist for 2019 a while a go and so far I have only been able to check off two of the destinations on that list, Madrid and Edinburgh. Maybe I was a bit forward thinking I could do them all. But, I am planning to devouring another one during the autumn. Care to guess wich one?
Do you have any autumtrips planned?


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It sure was Nathalie 😊
Chelsea Messina
Chelsea Messina,
I love your sunflower pictures!! I wasnt able to find a sunflower field this year 😟