On location photoshoot for with a local modellingagency, for a spanish magazine.

Visiting Marbella in Spain is only one of the trips that I have done over the years to do photoshoots, this one was to do a photoshoot with six different models, two male and four female. I had actually never had that many models in one shoot before, it was a lot of hard work. And sunburn. As you see on the image above I was not wearing a hat and after an entire day of shooting at the beach I was totally burned at the scalp.

I'll show you some of the images in another post.

The scenery was totally beautiful, as you can see, with palmtrees and oranges everywhere all around Puerto banus where we were staying. I really liked Marbella, the area in the harbour was quite beautiful, but dont go there to eat. It's crazy expencive. I remember us eating a pizza and having a glas of wine, that cost us about 30€ / person.


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The scenery in Marbella is quite nice! You see those orange trees (or are they clementines) almost all over Andalucia. The beach looks beautiful! 😊
Marbella truly looks like a beautiful destination in Spain. I would love to have some photo shoots here.
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