Mixed images from Sunny Beach

Oh yes, this is definatly your typical touristdestination when you are at your younger age. I mean, the beach is great. Its filled with restaurants and bars with happyhour every hour, with lunchtables that turnes into a beerpong tournament.

If you leave the beach and walk a bit further into the city, you'll find a variety of fastfoods, bars with all different kinds of music and your typical touristshops with souvenirs. I think you know the place, it looks kind of like all the rest of the touristplaces along the beaches of the meditoranian. I think we've all been there, so lets just say I was happy that we were only here for the day.

It was not be a fair judgement of Sunny Beach, since we didnt stay very long. But to be completly honest, I felt a bit to old to belong here. I am not seventeen and this is not my first rodeo, so its a No from me.
Have you been there, or places like this?


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Love all this photos. amazaing sunny beach. thanks for sharing with us
This post makes me long for some Vitamin Sea right now.
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