Modelphotoshoot in Amsterdam

We were in Amsterdam for an entire weekend, me and the swedish makeupartist flew in from Stockholm, where we met up with a swedish designer whim was staying in Amsterdam at the time. We had quite a packed schedule, we had booked four different models from a local modelagency and each of them had one to three different looks, but I cant show you all of them in one blogpost, can I?

Well, sure I could, but thats gonna be one really long post, filled with just a massive amount of images. But I will give you these words as kind of a sneakpeak, I will show you the the images that we shoot in Red Light District, later. So stay tuned!

The images that I am showing you below was featured in an online magazine, we even got the cover. Thats me beeing proud, ladies and gents.

Its something really special about doing a modelphotoshoot abroad. Not just that you get to work in a different kind of location, you get to do the photoshoot in a language thats not your first language. Its hard! After a weekend like this one in Amsterdam, you kind of get the hang of it after a while, the words and sentances comes flowing more naturally after you have done the first shoot. But at the beginning, geez, I always feel like a studdering stumbling blob.


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Men WOW så otroligt fina bilder!! Jisses 😃 <3
Åh tack Emma 😃
Andreia - Suspiro Jewels
Andreia - Suspiro Jewels ,
Wonderful! Love to see the behind the scenes!
Thank you Andreia, happy top hear that you enjoyed it 😊
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