Modelphotoshoot in Özdere

Behind the scenes images from a modelphotoshoot back in 2012

You all know I am a photographer right, I have told you that before?

This was my first time ever doing a photoshoot with a model abroad, so I was supernervous. The model was originally from Greece, but was staying in Istanbul and working with a modelagency there, so she was flown in to Özdere to work with us. The makeupartist was from Belarus, but lived in Turkey with her husband.

I brought with me some pieces from a swedish clothing designer and some jewlery from another swedish designer. We had about eight hours of work, before we had to get the model back to the airport. That gave os an entire day to work, so we did a lot of different setups and looks.

We did the photoshoot at the All Inclusive hotel we were staying at. If you are doing a similar thing, make sure you contact the hotel beforehand just to make sure its okey that you use their surroundings. The management of our hotel were really friendly and as you can see on the images, they even let us use the poolare after closingtime. If you look closely at the behind the scenes images, you can see that I am actually standing on a small table in the water. Short legs. If I stepped down to the actual bottom of the pool, I could not keep the camera above water. As you can see I did this setup mostly in natural lightings, I only used a reflecting screen to get some extra light into the models eyes. I dont even remember if I brought my flashes, but I dont think so.

I promise to show you some more of the modelphotoshoots that I have done abroad, so stay tuned.


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Myrah Duque
Myrah Duque,
Your photography skills are amazing. These shots are perfect. It does take whatever to get a good one.
Oh thank you Myrah!
Jay Artale
Jay Artale,
I'd love to see the behind the scenes shots of your balancing on the table and trying to make sure you didn't fall off and drown your camera.
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