Photoshoot on the lavarocks from Etna

Whilest we were in Sicily, amongst the lavarocks created by the volcano Etna, we did a quick photoshoot to get some new headshoots done. What do you think?
The rocks were amazing, a bit rough to sit on though. The entire surroundings were covered with these rocks, I cant even imagine the feeling of an erupting volcano. Did you know that just last year ten people were injured in an eruption.

And there was actually some activity in volcano just a few days after we left Sicily. Some smaller lavaflow had emerged, sometimes generating ash plumes of several hundred meters height. Crazy. And crazycool.
The photographer in me screams over the loss of images seeing as we had a view of the volcano from our hotel, but the mother in me had totally freaked out as a hysterical tourist.

I only got one good photo of Ms Etna, featured below.




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