Photowalk in the forrest

Yes, there's an image of one of my cats pooping. As I was taking a photowalk in the forrest, some of my cats joined in as usual, but Mr Eddie took the Loot-at-me thing that cats do a bit further. Where he's sitting, dumping, was were I was standing just seconds before while taking a picture of a beautiful tree. Maybe he was jelous. Anyways.

There's finally some snow. Not much, though, just a small preview of what's to come Kind of like mother nature is giving us a headsup that it's time to flee the country and head south towards the sun.
Do you enjoy the winter and snow, or do you prefer the sun and warmth?


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#nouwautumnchallenge #winterwonderland #winteriscoming



Marias Memoarer
Marias Memoarer,
Vilka mysiga vinterbilder <3 Vi har haft plusgrader nyligen, men nu fick vi tillbaka vintern igen här med 😊
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