Roman theatre in old town Side

This was one of those "lets just go on a trip an relax"-trips, but did you know that there are ruins of ancient Side scattered all over the old town?

The theatre was built in the middle of the 2nd century AD, on the site of an earlier, Hellenistic, theater. It represents the Roman type of theaters, because it was built on the foundation that was supported by the barrel vaults. But you can clearly see the influence of Greek architecture.

Can you imagine, in the late Roman Empire times, when the forms of entertainment was the gladiatorial combats and shows with wild animals as a big orchestra was playing. Crazy.

I will show you some more of what we found in old town Side in a different post, cuz if you are in to visiting Turkey I do recommend you going to Side. A lot of people go to Side on vacation, but I recommend staying in the old town to keep close to history.


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