Taxiko SteakHouse

We found Taxiko Steakhouse through trivadvisor and I must say do to it's really good reviews I was skeptical to say the least. I rarely trust the great reviews and I'm always affaraid to be misslead by a hyped resturant,

That was not the case. Taxiko was everything one could wish for, and more. The staff was really friendly and helpfull, the location was great, live music playing all the time and the food... the food was amazing. Just look at the first image of the stake sizzeling on a hot stone. Mouthwatering.

I would definatly recomend Taxiko steakhouse to anyone whos ever on the beautiful island of Madeira, if you have the opportunity and dont go... you're missing out on a great dinner.




Ja ohja, det var supergott! Älskade att de serverade så mycket av sitt kött på de varma stenarna, det var helt klart något jag aldrig upplevt förrut 😊
Har du varit på Madeira Diana?